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Sales Journey is packed with features designed to assist you in prioritizing deals, tracking your business performance, and forecasting revenue.


Full and clear overview of your customers, with productivity tools. Manage the inquiry across channels without losing track and provide sales and marketing teams an unified view to guide their activities.

Sales Management

Features tailored to your team's needs streamline every aspect of your business's sales process workflow, including sales policies, dynamic pricing (CPQ) and sales performance analytics.


Customizable space with a complete online shopping journey, boosting sales and efficiency by saving valuable time, and helping sales teams become sales consultants.


Reduce costs, grow revenue, and run your business more efficiently using Sales Journey Payments to effortlessly manage all your payment needs.

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The key to boosting your sales, optimizing processes,
and ensuring operational efficiency.

Some of the companies already trust on Sales Journey:

SJ Copilot

Empower your team's efficiency with SJ Copilot. Streamline tasks, foster seamless collaboration, and focus on what truly matters: engaging customers and driving sales.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Interpret and analyze unstructured data, such as emails, call transcripts, and customer feedback, empowering your team to grasp customer sentiment, identify pain points, and extract valuable insights to strategize sales effectively.


Leads Management

CRM features to facilitate seamless tracking of all communications and nurturing of relationships with leads and clients for your business include sales funnel, task automation, communication tracking, lead to deal conversion, and proposal templates.


Sales Management

Platform equipped with features tailored to streamline every aspect of your business's sales process includes process workflow, dynamic pricing (CPQ) and inventory management, sales policies, and sales performance analytics.



Customized space with controlled and secure access, providing a complete online shopping experience. Fully integrated with Sales Journey solutions, it helps boost sales and optimize your sales team's time. By allowing customers to place orders directly, it frees up your sales team to focus on more strategic and efficient activities.



Create simple yet powerful payment links without undergoing any technical integration, enabling you to sell from anywhere with a simple payment process, multiple payment methods, and no coding or website required.

Proven results in weeks


2 hours

Technoloy assessment

2 - 3 days


1 week

Product trial

1 - 2 weeks

Sales Ops plataform in Live

2 - 3 months

Integrate with your favorite tools

With a robust layer of APIs, Sales Journey enables integrations with the apps you already use. From productivity to marketing to collaboration, or beyond, easily connect Sales Journey with the other essential tools you rely on to run your business.

Maximizing Sales Efficiency

Unlock the power of our sales CRM platform to supercharge your team's productivity. Gain insights into your customer base, make informed decisions, and drive results with ease. From total sales figures to successful deals closed using our platform, track every transaction effortlessly.


Total sales value


Benefited companies


Closed deals


Average ROI

Authentic feedback, tangible outcomes - directly from our valued customers.

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"Through the Sales Journey, our consultants automatically integrate sales orders with our ERP (SAP), streamlining the sales process and the shipment of our products to our customers."

Director of Tech & Digital - MedBeauty

"The Sales Journey and the team effectively act as our business partners, building solutions for the sales process according to the needs and seamlessly integrating with our ERP."

Market Intelligence and Strategic
Planning - Opet Publishing

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