Customer Relationship Management

CRM, or customer relationship management, refers to strategies that businesses use to track and manage customers and leads, track, and close deals in their sales pipeline.
Leads management


• Visualize ongoing leads in a way that works best for you, with flexible kanban (drag-and-drop) boards or detailed table views.

• Configure the level of information when creating a new lead, with solutions to create carts, custom fields, and make information fields mandatory or optional to suit your business workflow needs.

• Use advanced filtering options to filter leads by any information, including custom fields.

• Configure the columns to be displayed, facilitating information visualization and providing insights.

• Calculate revenue forecasts by considering the probability of lead closure, helping to obtain a more accurate and realistic view of potential revenue and facilitating strategic decision-making and expectation management.

• Enjoy easier deal closures with the lead-to-deal conversion solution, ensuring no negotiation information is lost and preventing errors in sales orders.

Leads management

Personalized sales funnel

• Create unlimited personalized sales funnels and their stages according to your business needs and workflow.

• Control the management of funnels with organization and security by configuring individual access permissions and user roles.

• Manage the visualization and access to lead data through the
commercial hierarchy feature, ensuring that each user and sales team can only view their own information.

Leads management

Productivity and organization 

• Create, assign, and track tasks with the option to configure notifications and events on your team's calendar, keeping your sales team focused and productive, and helping them to increase customer relationships and sales.

• Keep detailed notes on each lead and customer interaction, ensuring a seamless flow of information and aiding communication with the teams.

• Easily attach and access important documents of all formats, ensuring all necessary information is readily available.

• Utilize an audit log to keep a record of all updates and the person responsible for them in each lead created.


Customer view & management

• Create personalized tags to easily sort and filter customers based on various criteria, enabling you to quickly find and manage specific customer segments.

• Analyze the latest interactions, purchase history, and preferences to tailor your approach for each customer.

• Use data to identify upsell opportunities, anticipate customer needs, and improve satisfaction.

• Add custom fields to capture specific information relevant to your business needs, allowing you to store detailed data unique to your operations, such as customer preferences, important dates, or custom metrics.

• Utilize advanced filtering options to filter customers by any information, including custom fields.

• Configure the columns to be displayed, facilitating information visualization and providing valuable insights.


Productivity and organization

• Implement blocking objects to control the flow of information and ensure that sensitive data is accessed only by authorized personnel.

• Easily attach important documents to customer profiles, ensuring all necessary information is readily available. This can include contracts, invoices, correspondence, and any other relevant files, allowing for seamless document management.

• Audit log to maintain a detailed record of all updates and changes made to customer information, ensuring transparency, helping in tracking any modifications for future reference, and aids in compliance with internal policies and external regulations.


• Access detailed analytics on every aspect of your leads and sales process.

• Track lead sources, conversion rates, and sales funnel progression, providing a holistic view of your sales pipeline.


• Easily track the number of deals in various stages, from initial contact to closure.

• Monitor the average deal value and the estimated total in sales to better understand your revenue potential.

• Forecast future sales more accurately.


• Compare results across different periods to identify trends, measure performance, and make informed adjustments.

• Recognize seasonal patterns and assess the effectiveness of sales strategies.

• Optimize future campaigns based on the insights gained.


• Utilize advanced filtering options to refine your data and focus on what matters most.

• Filter by date range, deal stage, lead source, sales representative, and more.

• Drill down into specific metrics and gain deeper insights.

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