17 Content Options for Each Stage of the Sales Journey

March 31, 2023

Looking to formulate a better content strategy for 2023? This will help - the team at Orbit has put together a list of 17 content formats and where they fit in the sales funnel, which may provide some inspiration for your planning. There are some good tips here, with specific approaches you can take at each stage of the journey. Check out the full list below:

Search-optimized blog posts

  • High traffic over many years from visitors (low intent).

Social media videos

  • Tips, opinions, inspiration drive engagement and interaction.


  • Shared and attract links, but not built to sell.

Summaries and interviews

  • Influencer collaborations can generate traffic and trust.

Guest posts

  • Pitch and win a shortcut to a lot of visibility, but not for traffic.

How-to articles

  • Helps DIY visitors, but directly related to your services.

Instructional videos

  • Same, but more engaging, memorable, and trust-building.

Original research

  • Powerful credibility builder, but often indirectly relevant.

Gated guides

  • Long-form, sign-up for access, now they're connected...

Welcome series emails

  • ...then send them your best to keep them interested.

Webinars and events

  • Personal format, collaborate with others, participate in Q&A.

Sales enablement articles

  • Specific traffic source with a specific goal: conversion.

Your story

  • Specific traffic source with a specific goal: conversion.

Landing pages

  • Specific traffic source with a specific goal: conversion.

Service pages

  • Money page packed with answers, evidence, and CTA.


  • Social proof is a difference-maker for the key message.

Case studies / customer stories

  • Real-world problem solved. It's evidence and a use case.

Source: Orbit Media Studios

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Raquel Sales

Head Marketing - Sales Journey

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