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March 24, 2023

Acquiring knowledge is the most sustainable path in the race to achieve good results and reach our goals. Nowadays, we have countless possibilities to delve deeper into the subjects we like, whether through courses, books, videos, podcasts, etc. Therefore, aiming to help you delve further into the sales universe, we've put together a list of 5 podcast recommendations to listen to while you work and add to your daily routine. Check them out below:

1 - Cast for Closers: It's a podcast by Meetime, produced and designed for those who want to master Inside Sales and help achieve their goals. Every week there's a new episode, where they always aim to bring in industry experts who master the subject and add knowledge. Some personalities who have been on the podcast include João Bevilacqua, Gustavo Marques, Myrian Mourão, Victor Okuma, Pedro Petersen, among others. Some topics that have been discussed include Budget Management for Sales Teams; turning data into sales insights; Commercial Intelligence: strategy beyond prospecting lists; Education in Pre-Sales - How to be a better SDR; prospecting metrics based on revenue (and not just opportunities), among others. You can find the Cast for Closers podcast on Spotify, Deezer, and Meetime.

2 - Man in the Arena: It's a videocast focusing on entrepreneurship and digital culture, hosted by Miguel Cavalcanti and Leo Kuba. The videocast has been featured on The Next Web (one of the five highlighted entrepreneurship podcasts in Latin America), Endeavor (9 of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs), and Exame (8 YouTube channels every entrepreneur should follow). Seventh season (2021). Some industry figures who have been on the podcast include Pedro Silveira (Nino Cucina), Marcelo Ebert (YVY Brasil), Pedro Kauffman (Fit Anywhere), João Kepler (Bossanova Investimentos), Marcelo Toledo (Klivo), among others. You can find the Man in the Arena videocast on Spotify and Player.fm.

3 - Rádio Venda Mais: A podcast focused on sales, presented by Raul Candeloroe and Marcelo Caetano. Previously, Marcelo and Raul created a digital magazine that is sent bimonthly to subscribers, and a video program called VM Responde, but now they have expanded and created the Rádio Venda Mais podcast with the aim of providing even more knowledge for those interested in the sales universe. Some of the topics covered in the podcast include client portfolio organization; client recovery; how to monitor and recover inactive clients; portfolio positiveation goals; balancing portfolio management between product mix and positiveation; how to better leverage clients who are already buying so that they buy more; checklist of the five steps for exemplary portfolio management, etc. You can find the Rádio Venda Mais podcast on iTunes.

4 - Do Zero ao Topo: A podcast by InfoMoney focused on entrepreneurship. Each episode features a new story of women and men who are entrepreneurs and business owners behind the largest companies in the country and the world, telling a little more about how they faced everything to get where they are today, challenges, uncertainties, success. Some of the names that have appeared on the podcast include Moacir Marafon, Rodrigo Galindo, Ana Cabral-Gardner, Alan and André Glezer, Ana Oliva Bologna, Rafael Sales, Cassio Bobsin, Jorge Vargas Neto, among others. You can find the Do Zero ao Topo podcast on Spotify.

5 - GVCAST: GV stands for value generation, it's a podcast entirely focused on sales, entrepreneurship, and business management, presented by Flávio Augusto, founder of the WiseUp franchise network. In each episode, he addresses significant issues in the business world, always with advice and opinions based on his perspectives as an entrepreneur, and also brings interesting debates with people who have achieved success in the field. You can find the GVCAST podcast on Spotify.

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Raquel Sales

Head Marketing - Sales Journey

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