CRM for Manufacturing: Understanding Its Importance

April 28, 2023

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is the integration of various processes aimed at focusing entirely on the customer, with the goal of improving the quality and development of the relationship, as well as helping to boost sales. Through this solution, it's possible to have an overview of consumers and analyze all their interactions with the company, products, service channels, among other aspects. We can conclude that CRM is an essential platform for companies in all sectors. However, when it comes to industries, this importance is even more relevant. Here are the reasons why CRM is so important for industries:

Why is CRM so important for an industry to have?

Industries, in general, have complex and lengthy sales processes involving high values, so it's necessary to have greater control over sales processes with organization to ensure that no opportunities are lost.

What are the essential functionalities that a CRM needs to have for industries?

An important point to highlight is that not every CRM is concerned with having functionalities as important as managing orders, inventory, dynamic pricing rules, commercial policies, and other important information that directly impacts the level of service and real profitability. These functionalities, which Sales Journey possesses, make us much more than a CRM; we are a complete platform for solving the sales journey. Additionally, the solution allows for greater visibility over the sales pipeline, enabling better decision-making and more efficient planning. Another important point to highlight is the possibility of managing important customer information, such as contact details, purchase history, among others. With this information at hand, it's possible to create personalized sales strategies, making customer relationships closer and more effective.

With efficient customer relationship management, the industry can increase customer satisfaction, improve loyalty, and consequently, increase sales. It's worth noting that with the optimization of the sales team, which no longer has to perform repetitive and manual tasks, time is saved and productivity is increased, improving work efficiency and generating good results.


It can be concluded that CRM is an essential platform for the industry, allowing for efficient management of customers and leads, automation of manual tasks, and contributing to the improvement of internal processes within the company. With proper implementation, the solution can bring numerous benefits to the industry, such as increased customer satisfaction and increased sales. Sales Journey is the only sales force automation solution that integrates the entire funnel from opportunity to invoice, allowing you to get the best out of your sales team. Our platform was designed to save time and effort so that you can focus on what really matters: closing deals. Try a more efficient way of management with our sales force automation and opportunity management solution.

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Raquel Sales

Head Marketing - Sales Journey

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