Have you ever heard of a sales funnel?

November 9, 2022

The sales funnel encompasses all stages of the sales process, from the moment the opportunity is recognized to post-sales. It is essential to monitor clients at every stage, from the first contact with the brand or product to the proper use of your product or service, as this will provide relevant information about your lead conversion rates. Here are the stages of the sales funnel:

Top of the funnel: This is the brand awareness phase when people are indifferent to your brand and need to be impacted.

Middle of the funnel: This is when people have been impacted and are now recognizing the opportunity and the need to acquire your brand.

Bottom of the funnel: This is the closing phase when the opportunity is turned into a customer.

It is important to apply the sales funnel to your business to optimize processes, generating more opportunities in a short time. With the sales funnel, there is greater predictability of results because it is possible to know how many people or companies are at each stage and thus approach them in an ideal way with an appropriate message for each moment.

To manage the sales funnel, it is necessary to understand the consumer journey and how each one reached you. After that, it is important to regularly analyze to see if the lead has changed status, as their behavior may have changed during the consumer journey. Another important point is to always seek to improve the stages, how they are being approached, and lastly, to keep your lead list always updated, seeing who has exited or moved to another stage.

Therefore, it is essential to have a CRM tool, as it manages the sales funnel and helps control the stages, indicating who the prospects, leads, and customers are.

Sales Journey is a platform that can assist your business. Talk to one of our specialists for more information.

Tobias Junior

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Sales Journey

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