Neuromarketing: What It Is and How to Use It

February 27, 2023

Neurosales is a method grounded in neuroscience, coupled with many techniques, such as emotional triggers, aimed at increasing your customer's desire to make a purchase and assisting in sales. It's worth noting that the lead may not necessarily close the sale, but it's a method that helps enhance a qualified sale, where you only highlight the advantages of your products.

How to Use It? Here are 3 tips on how to apply them in practice:

  1. Utilize Images: Use images that evoke emotional triggers to illustrate what is being said and further impact your lead. Images should work in your favor, evoking emotions in the lead, as this can lead them to believe that your product or service will genuinely solve their problems, making them feel confident about doing business with you. The more emotional triggers you evoke, the better the results.
  2. Real-life Cases: Share real-life cases of other customers who faced the same pain points as your lead and explain how your company positively helped them solve their problems. Engage in storytelling, bring the lead closer, evoke empathy, and they will pay closer attention and become involved in the real-life case being shared.
  3. Address Needs: Understand your lead's needs and provide plausible solutions that your company can offer to meet their demands, showcasing that your product or service is ideal for them at that moment. You can even create needs for your prospect.

Additionally, there are the fundamentals of NLP, which stands for "Neuro-Linguistic Programming," techniques used to optimize our connections and see from our lead's perspective. However, it's a technique that requires time and effort to fully understand and apply in practice.

A good starting point for using NLP is to engage the lead by asking about personal interests or their business, gradually getting closer to them naturally without them realizing it. Another interesting aspect of NLP is mirroring techniques, where you understand more about your lead and determine if they are more visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, and from there, you can optimize your contact with the lead.

If the lead is more visual, it's preferable to create a highly visual presentation with slides and captivating images that evoke emotions about your product or business. If the lead is more auditory, it's best to engage them with good communication, a good speech about what you're trying to sell to them. Tell a quality story, provide detailed explanations, and ask questions about their pain points, as at this point, your prospect has opened up, giving you the opportunity to associate their uncertainties with some emotions like fear, and in the end, you'll be there to address their fear with the solution to their problem, which will be your product or service.

Lastly, if your lead is kinesthetic, meaning they are perfectionists and demanding, in this case, you'll have to bring up previous cases in your speech.


Neurosales will be a complement that will help you have a qualified sale, as from this, you will better understand your prospects and align your speech and actions according to the needs of each lead throughout the sales process, increasing the power of persuasion. Additionally, it will help ensure that everything goes as expected in your sales funnel. If you liked this text, be sure to check out the other updates on our blog

Raquel Sales

Head Marketing - Sales Journey

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