Sales Journey: New Features and Improvements for H1 2024

July 2, 2024

In the first half of 2024, Sales Journey has launched several exciting updates and new features to enhance the functionality and user experience of our platform. These improvements are designed to streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and provide a more intuitive experience. Here’s a detailed look at what's new:

Sales Journey Payments

Managing payments has never been simpler with Sales Journey Payments. This solution provides a seamless and efficient way to handle your payment needs. Easily generate payment links using either the standard platform or the customer portal, thanks to our checkout solution.

New Company Registration

The company registration process has undergone a significant upgrade. Along with a modern and intuitive interface, users can now register multiple companies. This enhancement allows for flexibility when creating sales orders, enabling you to select the appropriate company from which the order should originate.

Hierarchy Movement

Adjusting and managing your commercial hierarchies is now more straightforward and quicker than ever. With an extensive range of filters and an intuitive user experience, large-scale hierarchy adjustments can be executed effortlessly, ensuring automated and efficient operations.

Weighted Value of Opportunities

One of the key features in our latest update is the ability to visualize the weighted value of ongoing opportunities. By factoring in the probability of closing each sale, this tool provides a more accurate and realistic revenue forecast. This enhancement is crucial for strategic decision-making and managing expectations effectively.

New Attribute in Blocking Object – Total Order Value

A new attribute has been added to the blocking object functionality, allowing you to set limits for the total order value. This feature enhances the security and organization of sales operations.

New Field in Products – Origin

We’ve introduced a new field for product registration, enabling you to specify whether the product is of national or international origin. This detail can also be used as a filter in catalog listings, enriching the product information available.

Transportation Options Registration

When registering transportation types, you can now configure associated options and decide whether the field should be mandatory in sales orders. This flexibility ensures comprehensive and accurate order details.

New Proposal Download Experience

Our new proposal download feature offers a more modern and user-friendly experience. Users can quickly download and share proposals directly via email or WhatsApp, streamlining communication with customers.

Add a Representative in Sales Orders and Opportunities

Beyond defining the person responsible for sales orders and opportunities, you can now add a representative. This ensures that all parties involved in the process are accounted for, promoting better collaboration and accountability.

With these new features and improvements, the Sales Journey platform continues to evolve, offering enhanced functionality and a more user-centric experience. Stay tuned for more updates as we continually strive to meet and exceed your business needs.

Want to learn more about how each feature works? Visit our Help Center and get your questions answered: Help Center

Mariana Bacci

Product Owner - Sales Journey

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